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Wet bain-marie wells

  • Specially designed to hold, display and distribute warm food presented on deep GN pans during service time.
  • Easy to use analog thermostat for an easy and quick set temperature.
  • Manual water supply without tap to fill the well.
  • Specially manufactured in high-quality stainless steel for intensive professional applications.
  • 160 mm deep wells allow to place containers GN1/1 with maximum depth of 150 mm
  • Heat produced by silicon heaters in the base plate for an efficient work and heat transmission.
  • Special clamps in the sides that ensure an uniform fit and grip over the entire surface.
  • Control panel removable, it can be placed on the structure where the elements has been installed.
  • Prepared for optional installation of a foodshield with light and heat that is easily fixed to the structure by means of threaded plates.
  • Rounded Edge interior and ½” Drain Valve in the bottom plate for easier cleaning operations.
  • Operating temperature for hot bain Marie well: from +30ºC to +90ºC.
  • Operating voltage and frequency: 230V 1N 50/60Hz.
ModelReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Cut-out dimensions (mm)CapacityPower (W)
DBM-11119069638465 x 610 x 304440 x 5851 GN 1/1800
DBM-21119069671790 x 610 x 304765 x 5852 GN 1/11600
DBM-311190696721115 x 610 x 3041090 x 5853 GN 1/12400
DBM-411190696731440 x 610 x 3041415 x 5854 GN 1/13000
DBM-511190696741765 x 610 x 3041740 x 5855 GN 1/13000


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